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Dog and cat insurance coverage for the unexpected

Every 6 seconds, a pet parent is handed an emergency vet bill of $1,000 or more. With travel global  cat insurance and dog insurance, you don’t have to choose between your pet and your savings.


New, Innovative Policy Benefits

The only provider to offer family plans,3 covering multiple pets on one policy Use any licensed vet in the U.S.


Flexible product offerings

Flexibility to choose from various levels of coverage with no breed exclusions or upper age limits No initial exam or previous vet records required to enroll Competitive rates with discounts


Best Pet Insurance Winner

Praised for its coverage for previously covered pre-existing conditions when switching providers5 and 24/7 vet chat


How travel global insurance stands out

Easy enrollment and hassle-free claims Among the shortest wait periods for accident and illness coverage4 Most claims processed within 10 days

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More than just pet insurance

Transport global insurance  is a family, and when you Embrace your pet, you sign up for more than just insurance – you become part of the family.

Transport global insurancepromises to provide genuine support and certainty when pet parents need it most.

  • Personalized Accident & Illness Policies
  • Flexible Wellness Plan
  • Compassionate Customer Care
Why Travel Global Pet Insurance

We are award wining company!

Peace of mind sounds pretty good, doesn't it? Each year, our affordable, extensive coverage helps individuals feel more confident in getting the care they need for their pets to live long and healthy lives.

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It only takes a few minutes to get a SPCA Pet Insurance quote. Simply complete this form to get a quote and apply online. We ask for your phone number so we can call you to answer any questions you may have and help you finalise your application.


    Here are some questions we get asked a lot

    Pet insurance reimburses you for a portion of covered vet bills if your dog or cat were to unexpectedly get hurt or sick so that you can afford to get your pet the best care in the event of a costly accident or illness. Think of pet insurance like car insurance – it’s there to give you a financial safety net if something unexpected were to happen. Just like your car insurance doesn’t cover routine maintenance or any accidents you got into before purchasing the policy, pet insurance plans typically don’t cover routine care costs and pre-existing conditions. 

    The cost of pet insurance prices can vary widely depending on the type of pet you have, their age, their breed, and even where you live. At travel global insurance, we allow you to personalize parts of your policy so that you can get the best plan for your pet’s needs and your budget.

    A pre-existing condition is any injury, illness, or irregularity noticed by you or your veterinarian before the end of your waiting period, even if your pet never went to see the veterinarian for it.

    No pet insurance company covers pre-existing conditions.

    However, Embrace does distinguish between curable and incurable pre-existing conditions. Examples of incurable pre-existing conditions include diabetes, allergies, etc. Curable pre-existing conditions include things like ear infections and undiagnosed vomiting or diarrhea. As these issues can be completely cleared up, they could be covered moving forward if the pet goes 12 months symptom free.

    We define what conditions are pre-existing for your pet by requesting their medical records for the 12 months (or less, if they are a new addition) prior to the purchase of the policy. If you’d like, you can request that we do a Medical History Review, which involves one of our claims adjusters reviewing your pet’s medical records to let you know what – if any – conditions would be considered pre-existing. It’s important to note that we don’t automatically do these medical history reviews, you must request one. However, they are free of charge and available to anyone who has a policy.

    Financial challenges happen, and that’s the very reason pet insurance is worth it if you can find a way to fit the premiums into your budget. It’s easier to find a small amount each month than thousands of dollars at once in an emergency. If you’re the type of person who would do anything to save your pet, it’s better to pay a small premium for even a basic policy to help get your pet the care they need.

    Unlike human health insurance, pet insurance has no networks. Because it works based on a reimbursement method, you pay the vet directly, submit your claim, and we pay you back — you can visit any veterinarian, specialist, or emergency hospital you like.

    Vaccines are preventative and not covered by insurance. However, it can be reimbursed through our optional wellness plan that can be added onto your policy.

    Spay/neuter surgery is preventative and not covered by insurance. However, it can be reimbursed through our optional wellness plan that can be added onto your policy.